Pia Mancini on the Open Collective Platform

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Podcast via http://teamhuman.fm/episodes/ep-34-pia-mancini-no-shame-towards-a-cooperative-economy/


"Playing for Team Human today is Pia Mancini. Pia is a visionary democracy activist who co-founded the Net Party in Argentina and DemocracyOS. Pia joins Douglas to talk about her new project Open Collective.

Open Collective is platform that helps small, non-traditional organizations to collectivize, raise funds, and manage expenses in a networked and transparent fashion. Open Collective is a useful resource for listeners who are trying to build sustainable funding for their local community group, political organization, and even school club. Pia explains how Open Collectives not only is helping to fund a growing number of unique organizations, but signals a future where transparent, collective partnerships might foster new models of democratic participation and exchange of resources.

Douglas begins today’s show with a monologue on shame. How is shame used as an instrument of social control? Rushkoff advances a thesis on how open, transparent social organizing, like what is being fostered by Pia and Open Collective, counters shame and enhances our ability to forge solidarity."