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= works on the consciousness aspects of money, through workshops


Peter Koenig has studied the phenomenology of money since the early 1980s, giving presentations and performing original research with small groups. He was born in London in 1947, went to school in Sussex, started his career in sales, then obtained a degree in Estate Management in London and became a Chartered Surveyor. In 1973 he moved to Switzerland to manage the European real estate of a large US multinational. and has lived there since. In 1980 he gained an MBA at the International Management Institute (Univ. of Geneva), then formed a partnership under the style of Hargrove Associates in Zürich, developing quality management trainings, leadership and strategic development processes for companies. The stimulus for his monetary research began through observing the arbitrary effects of financial tools used in the context of these activities. In 1987 he became independent, as a financial and organisational consultant to companies and non-profit organisations. In 1994 he launched his first public Money Seminar and in 1999 initiated a new international conference series on Money & Business Partnership. These seminars, conferences and a new book series are designed to complement one another and meet the growing need of people who, like the author himself in the 80s, seek to develop wise, intelligent and ordered responses in dealing with money.

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