30 Lies about Money

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30 Lies about Money by Peter Koenig (published::2003). iUniverse. ISBN 0-595-29236-4


Provided to us by Peter Koenig.

Amazon Review by Dieter Braun

"In helpful shortness we find all central critique and misunderstanding of our monetary system. For anyone who wants to learn in one evening what is doubtful when it comes to money, this is the start. The booklet reflects modern monetary critique. It does not repeat old errors and imprecisions of Helmut Creutz or Margrit Kennedy. It is written by someone who is interested in real education and enlightenment who does not miss central aspects. Koenig particularly does not forget to challenge some popular monetary reformer's lies. The shortness together with the high standard of knowledge makes this book a treasure for beginners in monetary discussions. Koenig writes very fluently and with much humor. And he brings in important psychological aspects.

For example it is not necessary to explain to Peter Koenig that money is created by commercial banks, that debts are not automatically "bad", that not everyone can make profit simultaneously, that the quality of an economy is not measured by GNP and that money is not issued by governments.

I would like to hand this book to people who are interested in money. The 115 sparsely printed pages can be read in one evening. I find it liberating that this book is available: the full package on monetary criticism in short form."

30 Lies

The thirty lies are the following:

1. The lie of many happy returns

2. Money is power

3. Debt is bad

4. You need a certain minimum amount of money to be happy

5. The best products and services make the most money

6. With money you secure and provide for your existence

7. Money is security

8. Money is created by governments and central banks

9. The money in circulation is created through minting coins and printing notes

10. Money is backed by gold or some other valuable commodity

11. The health of a country may be accurately judged by looking at its GNP and other economic statistics

12. The lie of where money is

13. The love of money is the root of all evil

14. The lie of the rich and the poor

15. Money is freedom

16. Work and earn money, to do what you want

17. You need money, a business plan, capital and a budget to start a project

18. Everyone can make profit

19. To sustain itself a business needs to make profit

20. The price of goods and services is mainly composed of the costs of providing them

21. Money is independence

22. Money is dependence

23. Your pensions and savings will guarantee you a peaceful old-age

24. The monetary reformers lie No. 1: Speculative transactions

25. The monetary reformers lie No. 2: Income from work is better than unearned income

26. Money comes when you give it away

27. The lies about abundance

28. Money is the problem, money is the solution

29. Money is not important...but makes life easier

30. Money is ... whatever you think it is

31. Men handle money better than women.

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