Peter Buckingham on the Digital Media Revolution

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The impact on the film industry by a speaker from the British Film Council.



"Peter Buckingham breaks down the Digital Media Revolution. The difference between having a physical limitation like limited theaters, limited DVD shelves and limited TV channels. He then explains the power of digital and the longtail. He also explains we are at a cross road where either we seize this moment for a more democratic system or we let the choice continue to be limited by big media companies.

Ira was a little more practical and Peter Buckingham zooms out and speaks much more generally. In some ways they cover the same ground. The audience was fairly pumped about Peter's talk.

It's pretty cool when Peter makes it seem so dumb that the film industry is based on withholding content unless a viewer coughs up money and how DRM just gives the people that do cough up money a difficult time. It's also cool when he makes fun of the theatrical industry for having such low attendance." (