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= the local currency for the global permaculture movement



"Permacredits are the local currency for the global permaculture movement.

Our goal is to fund 100's of millions of dollars worth of profitable dynamic permaculture based businesses and living environments around the globe within the next five years.

Donating funds to the Permacredits Foundation gives you Permacredits automatically and funds triple bottom line Permaculture based businesses and innovation. You use those credits to join our Permacredits Manager App which enables you to CHOOSE those businesses and innovations that get funding. As those businesses and projects donate back into the system you get rewards. Also you use Permacredits to buy goods and services at our growing network of ethical businesses, vendors, and festivals. This powers the continued growth of an industry that fuels Permacredits and creates healthy soil, regenerative agriculture, and a higher quality of life around the globe. If ever there were a system that represented global peace and a move towards restoring balance, Permacredits is it."