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"The People Who Share is both a movement and a socially minded business (a social enterprise). We are dedicated to building a world where people share skills, time, resources, knowledge, responsibility, opportunities, ideas, goods, services and stuff. We bring together a global community of sharers and make sharing fun and easy.

We’re confident that our everyday wants and needs can be met by a fast-growing community of sharers, that there’s no need to buy new items each time you want something, that in fact everything you need is right on your doorstep. Need a car? Join a car share. Need a plumber? Join a timebank. Need an outfit? Try a clothes swap.

We campaign for a world where people share and our business produces services and experiences that make sharing easy, proving that sharing is cheap, green, social and fun. Through our marketplace of sharing, we seek to bring together and aggregate the new ‘sharing sector’ which includes car sharing, swap trading, skill swapping, timebanking, peer2peer rental, recycling, upcycling, freecycling, and redistribution. We connect sharers online and onland, helping you to meet like minded folk right on your doorstep by converting online sharing into sharing in the community.

We believe that sharing is the solution to every global problem and through sharing we can create sustainable, equal, healthy communities and develop a Sharing Economy."

2. Cat Johnson:

"The UK-based organization the People Who Share is working to bring sharing mainstream. Committed to “reshaping the world through sharing,” their vision is a thriving sharing economy where everyone is a supplier of tools, resources, goods, experiences, time and experience. Recently, along with partners Ouishare and Shareable, they organized the first ever Global Sharing Day.

“Fundamentally, we live on a planet with finite resources and we have a growing population, we are going to need to share to survive,” says Benita Matofska, Chief Sharer at the People Who Share. “The businesses and organisations of the future are those who build their models around the sharing of resources.”

“What differentiates the sharing economy from our current economic model,” Matofska says, “is that this new economy is built by, with and for people and planet. Fundamentally people unite around the idea that we have unlimited sharing potential and sharing is how we build strong, sustainable, happy connected communities.” (