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Peerflix = service to trade DVD's within an online community.



"Peerflix is a service which enables members to buy and trade DVDs within an online community. Peerflix does not keep merchandise in warehouses around the country. Instead, it facilitates its members trading directly with one another to enable a fast trading cycle and reduced costs. Peerflix uses trading credits called "Peerbux": when a member sends a DVD to another member, they earn Peerbux, which allows them in turn to receive merchandise of comparable value. With Peerflix, you pay as you go 99 cents per trade. Because only the DVD is traded and not the entire case, it only takes one stamp ($0.39 in the US and $0.51 in Canada) to mail the DVD. Free trial sign up. The service is meant to be accessible worldwide and shipping costs may vary according to the country." ([1])