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Pangaia is quietly developing the world's "next great internet application", emerging from complexity science:

  • Utilizing the power and wisdom of the crowd (given the right tools and incentives),
  • using a stellar theoretical model for organizing the elements of knowledge (which we claim is provably optimal), we are
  • creating a distributed peer-to-peer platform for trading creative value (a new economic system),
  • while allocating decision-making authority fairly and efficiently (a new form of self-organizing governance)
  • in a way that inspires even greater participation (a beautiful ecosystem of knowledge).

What will it do? Think Diaspora + Wikipedia + Free-Currency Network + Gift Economy.

How will it do it? It will invert the top-three layers of the OSI model which came out of the client-server paradigm, making a content-centric layer of the internet (replacing the legacy DNS), adding a 3-d presentation layer, and a more modern session (layer 7) layer that's smarter about p2p. But see the pangaia wiki for more detail.


Sam Rose comments: "It's in the neighborhood of Diaspora ideas, but using P2P internet protocols, instead of open web protocols/standards the way diaspora does."

** Hmmm, methinks this prior comment out of date...

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