Pan-European Territories of Commons

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= research project led by Antonio Manzoni and Jose Luis Vivero Pol, being prepared as of January 2021


"We plan to to come up with a state of the art of the current food-producing common lands across all the EU member states and beyond. The idea is to generate evidence - through the cooperation of various scholars and activists across Europe to produce a first estimate of common land hectares per country and in total. There is a substantial portion of European lands that is devoted to food-producing commons, even in urban areas (estimated between 7-10%).

The expected result would be a multi-authored paper with as many contributors as possible (to increase knowledge sources and epistemic regards on commons, support legitimacy, and geographical coverage, and having a broader constituency to advocate for the food commons later on)."

Directory of Researchers

Researchers participating in the research project of 2021:

  1. Austria: Marianne Penker & Lisa Rail (University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources, Vienna)
  2. Belgium: Pieter Van der Broeck (KU Leuven)
  3. Bulgaria: Yanka Kazakova-Mateva (University of National and World Economy, Sofia)
  4. Croatia: Marin Cvitanovic (Bournemouth University, UK), Lana Slavuj Borčić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
  5. Cyprus: Ioannis Vogiatzakis & Maria Zomeni (Open University of Cyprus), Menelaos Stavrinides (Cyprus University of Technology)
  6. Czech Republic: Jan Vavra (University of South Boemia)
  7. Estonia: Lilian Pungas (Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany)
  8. Finland: Peltola Rainer (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
  9. France: Adrien Baysse-Lainé (CNRS Grenoble), William Loveluck (IDDRI)
  10. Germany: Stephen Leitheiser (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)
  11. Greece: Christina Sakali (Ghent University)
  12. Hungary: Erand Llanaj (University of Debrecen), Bálint Balàzs (Environmental Social Science Research Group (ESSRG), Anna Varga (University of Pécs)
  13. Ireland: Thomas van Rensburg (NUI Galway), Sean Shanagher (Maynooth University)
  14. Italy: Antonio Manzoni (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies), Paola Gatto (University of Padua)
  15. Latvia: Diana Myncite (New York City College of Technology), Renata Blumberg (Montclair State University)
  16. Lithuania: Diana Myncite (New York City College of Technology), Renata Blumberg (Montclair State University)
  17. Malta: Alicia Said (University of Kent)
  18. Netherlands: Henk Renting (RUAF Foundation), Natasha Hulst (Schumacher Center For New Economics)
  19. Poland: Anna Kłoczko-Gajewska (Warsaw University of Life Sciences), Justyna Kłobukowska (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun), Ruta Spiewak (IRWIR PAN)