P2P Yardsale Engine

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This eBay-killer technology aims at making intermediary platforms obsolete, giving total freedom to peer to peer transactions, as in yardsales.

URL= http://venezia-gondola.jxta.org/

"The goal of the Project Venezia-Gondola is to create a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) online yardsale application and controller. It is an experiment to show that in a P2P network both content and transaction logic are distributed to the edge of the network. P2P transaction logic needs to be decentralized and coordinate among peers as oppose to the traditional web-centric model where the transaction logic and workflow are managed in a central location.

The users of the Project Venezia-Gondola application can search for and list merchandises on "Venezia Network" which is a completely decentralized commerce network. This is an architecture departure from the Business-to-customer (B2C) or the Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce model where sets of centralized mechanisms (computer servers) monitor transactions and aggregate contents. While the traditional models are simple to implement, there are major deficiencies particularly in the area of scalability and security and cost, e.g. under the traditional model, it is very expensive to maintain a high performance website with large number of active users.

Furthermore, traditional models primarily use HTML technology for web page generation and GUI presentation that limit the end user’s visual customization capability. In contrast, Project Venezia-Gondola pushes UI to end-users / peers allowing people to easy change skins of their interface. This becomes particularly relevant in the age of broadband Internet. Under the proposed design, the Project Venezia is the engine and the network that enables the P2P yardsale service. Project Gondola functions as the Graphic User Interface (GUI), a façade to the service.

The Project Venezia-Gondola uses a Comrade-to-Comrade (C2C), a.k.a. P2P-commerce (P-Commerce) model. By offering a different paradigm where the transaction logic is decentralized, it avoid situation where excess regulations create unnecessary impediments for business activity.

Additionally Project Venezia-Gondola will attempt to add new functionalities, such as bartering as a transaction format, which is nearly impossible under traditional models with middleman getting a cut of everything." (http://venezia-gondola.jxta.org/)