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Today is the P2P International WikiSprint

Today is the P2P International WikiSprint

Here you can begin work!

Generally, you are welcome to include any project that has significantly contributed to the open science movement. More strictly defined, this is what comprises the open science movement:

How to Participate:

  1. Request an account on the P2P Foundation Wiki
  2. Login with your username (box on the right) to begin. The title/name will be maintained throughout the translations of the article.
  3. When creating an article, consider: Your Criteria (see below)
  4. After completing the form for creating a new entry, you can make a translation of it using the links at the end.

Criteria (for Inclusion)

  1. Greater technical access to scientific publications, scientific data, scientific software.
  2. Participatory production in the research process
  3. Extended popularization of scientific research and scientific activities (citizen science, science outreach)
  4. Emancipation of scientific production from monopolistic publishers and industries.

Theses criteria are not definitive: they should rather be seen as polarities. Depending on the evolution of the workshop, and the interest of everyone involved, some wider, hybrid-style projects can be taken into account.

Projects that enter within the scope of this mapping project may be concerned with:

  1. Reflexion on the core principles of open science
  2. Promotion of open science towards researchers and the general public
  3. Definition of open science legal framework
  4. Creation of open science tools and platform, which includes for instance, publishing platforms as well as open, scientific data repositories.
  5. Development of political and social initiatives encouraging open science.

Proposed Categories [see bottom of page]: -OpenAccess -OpenData -OpenSourceSoftware -CitizenScience

Entries created during the event:

No pages meet these criteria. See the complete list of 0 entries.

Recommended Process:

1) Input the data according to the following format:

  • Title/Name:
  • One line summary description (English)
  • Main URL
  • Description: (one short paragraph minimum, in English)
  • Details:
  • Discussions: extracts of any additional material adding insights to the logic of the projects
  • More Information: (any links for further material on the project)
  • Related projects: list similar projects with links

  • Contact: (includes address)
  • Tag: use freeform keywords of your choice
  • Proposed Categories: areas of activitity: Business / Politics / Science / Movements etc .. ; category tags are verified by maintainers/editors