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This project page aims to bring together a directory of projects related to cities worldwide.


Melbourne's Future Melbourne Project - employing a wiki for unrestricted editing (during public consultation windows) on the city's ten year plan

URL = http://www.futuremelbourne.com.au/wiki



Michel Briand:

where local associations and inhabitants can participate easily with a low step to access to the project and where i won't have conflicts with services in a more "hierarchical" way of life ..

The local magazine a-brest.net : http://www.a-brest.net/

gives information about the projects (a news letter each monday sent to 1200 persons) and in the first page you can see at the lower part in the rigt the liste of twenty wikis developped for each projet

We put the articles and presentations on line in one of the wikis : http://www.reunionsabrest.infini.fr/ whre you can read some articles

among the other projetcs

  • a cooperative media for webradios and videos with nearly thirty loacl channels :


  • the project "bureau libre" for free software inthe city :


New Zealand

NZ Police Act Review wiki (ended in 2007)

URL = http://wiki.policeact.govt.nz/


Citilab is a extraordinary place in Cornellia, a working class suburb of Barcelona, which uses digital technology and culture to empower and enable the local community to be part of the new digitalized society.

URL = http://en.citilab.eu/home/



  • City of Afton, Minnesota is employing a wiki for their planning process (current) [1]

More Information

  1. Municipal Wireless tag at Delicious: http://del.icio.us/tag/muniwireless
  2. P2P-Cities tag at http://del.icio.us/mbauwens/P2P-Cities