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= serverless portal system

URL = http://osiris.kodeware.net/


"Osiris is an engine that makes possible to build anarchic forums and portals where members directly choose rules and conventions by themselves. Osiris portals are serverless, so they spread through the P2P network members. This allows the portals to be independent of central servers, free and indestructibles since they are supported by every portal member. Moreover, all the sent contents are anonymous, enabling a strong privacy protection and ensuring that no one can overwhelm this experiment of free thought and knowledge distribution. Osiris can also build monarchic portals for a traditional moderation."

Status 2011

Paolo Brini:

"Various groups around the world use Osiris to keep indestructible "web sites" without servers and without the www.

I have been personally involved in spreading Osiris in various communities. It is a project which was thought 5 years ago. The software is a CMS simple to use, allows to create forum, blogs and other portals, and is used with success since years ago by bittorrent communities and activists in hostile environments. A portal created with Osiris is almost indestructible, since it is duplicated in its entirety on all nodes which share, in a p2p protocol, that portal.

After a long debate, the authors have decided that Osiris will be soon released under GPL (it is closed source right now and this is interpreted as a major fault).

Today Osiris has been cited by the 2nd most read italian newspaper (1st online) and this could help its diffusion. People in Osiris are also in the NeuMon (the most powerful Net Neutrality monitor I have ever seen - Herdict is a tiny toy in comparison) project and are also the people who invented a working system to make domain names seizures by USA ICE/ICANN/VeriSign/Afilias ineffective (currently the system is up and running with success on airvpn)." (FC Forum discussion list, February 2011)