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Panel convened by Sun



"On the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) campus at a forum titled "Open For Education," introduced by Sun's Chairman of the Board of Directors Scott McNealy, Sun challenged leaders to rethink traditional education models. The panel participants discussed how the rise of the global network has lowered barriers to access so that educators and students alike should contribute to and share better educational tools. Participants proposed that a shared approach--which can harness the power of collaborative thinking and innovation--be adopted on a global scale in order to eliminate the "educational divide" and improve political, social and economic conditions around the world."


Dinesh Bahal Sr. Director of Education Solutions

Jason Margolis Technology Correspondent, BBC's The World

Dr. Vijay Kumar Asst. Provost and Director of Academic Computing, MIT

Dr. Barbara Kurshan Exec. Director, Global Education & Learning Community

Timothy Magner Director, Office of Educational Technology, U.S. Dept. of Education

Patrick Supanc V.P., Pearson School Technology