Open Source Circular Ecohome

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= project + network of ecohome builders in Capetown, South Africa



"All designs for these projects will be shared with all innovators who want to join the innovation network. As an example of some technologies we are looking at developing:

  • modular, reconfigurable furniture built using low cost CNC machines
  • low cost wind turbines
  • low cost scrapyard metal battery with supercapacitor charging rates
  • Ground Air Heat Transfer (GAHT) or Water Air Heat Transfer (WAHT) adjoining greenhouse for food independence and passive HVAC
  • closed loop water cycle via: buried condensation pipes, reverse hydrostatic pressure funnel to tap water table, water loop for grey water filtering and recovery, blackwater loop for human waste
  • multi-energy input cooktop (solar, biogas, rocketstove fibrewaste pellets)

originally we were looking at a scheme to power anything mechanical with wind energy that is transduced into cold compressed air and stored in an industrial vellum in the house. We could draw upon it for powering any mechanical machine in the house and also at a small compressed air cargo bike and mini-car as well. Cape Town has a lot of wind at times so we were considering for that reason. However, we may do all that with electricity instead, especially if we are planning to build the scrapyard battery.

The idea is that these designs that work can be demonstrated in the home and if there is enough demand, we begin small scale manufacturing. If we can make a viable local community scale manufacturing business with it, it proves it can work and give confidence to anyone else in the network who may want to take the manufacturing model and replicate in their own community." (Loomio, August 2017)