Open Methods and Tools for Community-Based Product Development

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= "OPEN! Methods and tools for community-based product development".

URL =!_Methods_and_tools_for_community-based_product_development


"The French-German research project "OPEN! Methods and tools for community-based product development" aims at:

  • understanding open source product development, showing concrete evidence of this emerging practice and
  • delivering detailed description of the phenomenon;
  • modelling the open source product development process as an alternative to well-anchored industrial product development processes;
  • providing concrete process support in the form of methods and IT-tools.

It will particularly be focused on the concept of a open design platform.

The project started in March 2016 and is co-financed by the German and the French national research foundations DFG and ANR for a period of three years." (!_Methods_and_tools_for_community-based_product_development)

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