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"On June 24, 2021, Crucible, our company developing software blueprints for the Open Metaverse, took that action and established the Open Meta Association in Zug, Switzerland, next door to Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana, and another several billion dollar web3 networks. Open Meta exists to be an organizing principle for decentralized governance, driving us towards an open metaverse on web3 rails, owned and controlled by the community."




"In pursuit of our vision to build a truly open metaverse, the Open Meta Association will mint a DAO in January 2022 — the “Open Meta DAO” — distributing a fungible governance token to the 50+ founding members from our June presale round. The current valuation established is $100M; this is the ground floor of what will be needed.

Founding participants in the Open Meta DAO include Animoca Brands, Outlier Ventures, Enjin, Polygon executives Sandeep Nailwal and Shreyansh Singh in India, Dapper Labs’ venture fund, Wilder World founder David Waslen, Spartan Group, South East Asia-based KardiaChain, Yield Guild Games founder Gabby Dizon, Asia-based LD Capital, Boson Protocol, and NFT collector and investor Sillytuna, among others.

The Open Meta DAO will launch with a DAO portal, an on-chain platform to facilitate DAO activity, processes, and proposals for members to vote on DAO activity. Governance for Open Meta DAO will be community-driven and explore new practices — both tactical and philosophical — as well as the challenges and opportunities around digital sovereignty, design, new business models, mental health, emotional intelligence, and the wider social, economic, and technological implications of web3 adoption.

The DAO portal will facilitate community-driven proposals and will leverage a voting system with mechanisms for reputation and rewards, taking into account the sentiment of the DAO as a whole, as well as each individual vote to ensure consensus in the collective throughout the voting process.

The funds raised from DAO Token public listing later in 2022 will create a treasury to provide transparent grants for community projects from developers that facilitate an open metaverse. This will go to support many in the gaming industry who are interested in finding on-ramps for play to earn and on-chain game development."