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"The Open Knowledge Network is a series of events which aims to bring together New Media artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, programmers and anybody else who works creatively with technology to share experience and exchange ideas. Events consist of "show and tell" sessions, presentations, workshops, screenings, music and the opportunity to meet people working in related fields.

To be as relevant to it's attendees as possible, we have a unique method of both registration and selecting topics/speakers at each event. We are asking each and every person what they do, what they would like to learn more about and if they would like to do a mini presentation on their craft. This ensures the needs of the people are firmly addressed.

Also of note is that if a particular lineup doesn't appeal to you and you'd rather not sit through a few presentations on things you dont have much interest in, the networking session which follows is not to be missed, there will be music, screenings, geek chat and drinking involved, all with people who you probably want to speak to.

Held at Peacock Visual Arts on a regular basis." (