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* PhD Thesis: Open Hardware for the Environment. Cesar Harada. Goldsmiths University of London, Design & Environment department, under the supervision of Prof Jennifer Gabrys.


Protei, the International_Ocean_Station and are the 3 main components of this research.



What is at stakes : why we need Open Hardware to address Environmental issues today?

History of the mouvement  : the maker and the Environmentalist movement convergence.

Legal : Intellectual Property combination

Places & Cultures  : Northern America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Oceania.

Communities & Focuses : Social Networks, Energy, Water, Food, Sanitation, Transport…

Entrepreneurship & Non Profit Development : Sustainable business Development & Community Management

Open Hardware Heroes : Figures of the movement.

Open Hardware development strategies.


_ Protei. Shape Shifting Sailing Robot to sense and clean the Ocean.

__Motivation __Technology __ Applications __Field work #1 : BP Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico (USA). __Field work #2 : Fukushima Nuclear Accident (Japan). __FIeld work #3 : Unreasonable at Sea (USA, .

_ International_Ocean_Station. Manned floating laboratory for Ocean Exploration.

__ Motivation

_ Ocean Data Infrastructure & Open-H2O COmmunity.

Ethics & Practical implications of running an Open Hardware project for the Environment

Future of Open Hardware for the Environment

Author / Sources

Annexes / Downloads

Author's Bio

"Cesar Harada is an French-Japanese Inventor, Environmentalist and Entrepreneur. Currently developing the Protei – a revolutionary shape shifting sailing robot- with the Open-H2O community, TED Senior Fellow, Unreasonable at sea Entrepreneur, Figure of progress (by GOOD and IBM), PhD candidate at Goldsmiths University of London, writing on “Open Hardware for the Environment” with a strong focus on ocean communities & technologies. Cesar also teaches Masters of “Design and Environment” at Goldsmiths University and can be booked for teaching workshops, public speaking and panels through his exclusive speakers bureau, The Lavin Agency. Visit his speaker’s page.

Cesar is a graduate from the Royal College of Arts London, Design Interactions Department, and worked as MIT Boston USA Project Leader as well as construction manager of the *IHub_ in Nairobi Kenya. Cesar led the Open-H2O (former Open-Sailing) to win the ARS Electronica Golden Nica [NEXT IDEA] (Austria) and the VIDA awards Fundacion Telefonica (Spain)." (

More Information

mail : contact [at] cesarharada [dot] com