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= a Open Source Ecology Europe project ?



"We’re setting up a property in Extremadura, western Spain, to be a free space for working on various open source projects; in the vein of energy and food production, water use, communications, structural building, or anything else which could prove of value to the world. All makeable by the general public using basic tools with sustainable, natural and recycled materials.

Recognising the strong need for accessible workspace in Europe, we aim to build a kind of playground for innovators, inventors, growers, makers, designers, for use without financial obligation.

If you have a project, or want to learn by doing, you’re welcome.Though we ask you to observe that:

~ All technologies and practices created will be open source, documented, and made freely available.

~ Although there is no set amount of work required, this is a project space and you’ll be getting your hands dirty.

~ Our community is based on respect, and operates on a ‘be nice’ consensus policy.

~ The land and workshops are made available without fee, but you may be asked for an even share of food and bills. Over time, however, our aim is to achieve general self sufficiency and reduce these to zero.

So if you are interested in working with us, please send us an email to: info(at)openeland(dot)org telling us about you and your project, we might be able to find some space for you onsite or facilitate for you to join a current working project.

Our future must be made, and ours are the hands that must build it." (