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by Anca Voinea

"Mr (Alex) Craven said Open Data Mutual was about creating a platform for the management, monetisation, control, protection and ‘use for good’ of its members’ data. On joining, members can define how comfortable they are with the trading of their data – and with which types of organisation they want their data to be shared.

The mutual will then be responsible for brokering with organisations that want to buy members’ data and holding them to a code of practice. “The idea is to gather data and, depending on what people need, send them information on that specific product – such as a mortgage – and once they choose their mortgage, focus on something else they need,” he explained.

Instead of paying an intermediary for information, a mortgage lender would pay the data mutual instead, benefiting its members." (

More Information

  • "While Our Data Mutual is currently at an implementation stage, a data co-op in London is already helping people control their personal data": see Good Data, TheGoodData