Open Cooperative Web Framework

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= The Open Cooperative Web Framework enables web application developers to extend the ubiquitous browser experience in support of simultaneous content interactions among virtual meeting attendees.



"The Open Cooperative Web Framework provides JavaScript enablement of concurrent real-time interactions among remote users and external data sources. This emerging class of applications is referred to as cooperative web applications. The framework handles remote notification of user changes, the resolution of conflicting changes, and convergence of application state using Operational Transformation algorithms. The objective of the framework is to support cooperative web concepts across all browsers and devices.

The framework is intended to serve as a building block for web application developers who seek to develop solutions that can be used by a single standalone user or simultaneously within a workgroup of remote users. The framework supports Websocket and OpenAjax Hub technologies as well as the cometD Bayeux protocol. Web application developers can use the Cooperative Web API to enable JavaScript UI Controls and Widgets with simultaneous user interactions within a online meeting. JavaScript UI libraries such as the Dojo Toolkit can be enhanced with OpenCoweb."