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= A market place without any central value reference



"A spot market for bartering measurable commodities like primary goods. It searches coincidence of wants among bids of participants and proposes the best economic opportunities.

It finds the exchange cycle (possibly more than two partners) that meets the best bids, finds a compromise between them, sharing equally the effort required for cooperation, and exchanges ownership between partners.

openBarter fosters cooperation by finding agreements producing the weakest collective effort. How agreements are created

Bids are made on commodities you own.

Two bids are coincident when commodity standard provided by one is required by the other. These coincidences can produce cycles that are possible agreement between partners. openBarter selects among these cycles the one the lowest required collective effort.

When the agreement created by the choosen cycle is accepted by partners, the ownership of corresponding commodity quantities are transferred from providers to beneficiaries.

this process is repeated until some cycles remain.." (

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