Open Access Policies in Europe

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Article: Open Access Policies in Europe. David C Prosser. Research Libraries UK, May 2010


Licensed under a CC‐BY licence (, Published 28 May 2010


Over the course of the past decade open access (OA) has moved from the preserve of a few visionaries to the mainstream of scholarly communicatons. The growth of OA has been dramatic (by any metric). But nowhere has this shift been more obvious than in the arena of public policy. Ten years ago there were no OA policies and any hope that they may be developed quickly was tempered by an inherent conservatism amongst administrators who did not wish to change the well‐established and understood (although increasingly flawed) system. The sudden shift can only be understood when OA is seen in the context of wider political and policy issues. This paper describes that context in Europe and outlines some of the most significant European OA policies and policy statements.