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"An important aspect of the open Social Graph is being able to declare the different sites you use and tie them together. That way, your friends can keep in touch with you across multiple services, and you won't have to tell each new site what other tools you're already using.

The easiest way to tell people—and computers—about the sites you use is to link from your home page, blog, and profile pages to the other sites you use. If you add rel="me" to the link tag, it says "this is another site about me". Many sites already do this, and services like wordpress make it easy to annotate your links like this.

Plaxo's Online Identity Consolidator—which you can use here or download the source code and use yourself—starts with one of your web sites and crawls all the rel="me" links to find the other web pages you want people to know about." (

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See the video with Plaxo on the Online Identity Consolidator and the Open Social Web