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See the page on Wiki Facilitation at DAR.

The onlinefacilitation listserv is for discussion about the skills, techniques and issues around online facilitation in a variety of Internet online environments and virtual communities.



Compiled by DAR at

  • The Art of focussed Conversation Part of the Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs website which contains many resources about participatory decision making and a toolkit called "Technology of Participation" or ToP.

ToP is a collection of robust and easily learned facilitation tools. You can read about more of them in a book by Laura Spencer, Winning through participation (Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt).A

  • The email listowners' FAQ

  • An online resource on online facilitation in general (not education only)

is Nancy White's site. She has an amazing wealth of experience and runs great courses in online facilitation and all her articles are online under a creative commons license.

  • There's also Gilly Salmon's work and she has a website (and

online course) too.

  • Concord the work of Sarah Haavind and colleagues

at the Concord group.

  • emoderators The work of Zane Berge and Mauri Collins

  • TextWeaver is an open source discussion forum package designed for online education. The textWeaver website includes a discussion of facilitation plus further reading.
  • IAF Methods Database

  • Bang the Table is a facilitated space for public policy discussion