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= documentary about the Couchsurfing experience in 6 continents as part of the new sharing lifestyles

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"EntrepreneuREEL presents: "One Couch at a Time", the first full-length feature documentary on the CouchSurfing movement and this emerging "age of sharing" we are entering. The film follows protagonist and veteran CouchSurfer, Alexandra Liss, through 21 countries, 6 subcontinents, for 7 months using As we explore our inner and societal limits, this film pushes us to ask ourselves and our peers "what would YOU be willing to share with a stranger?"

CouchSurfing is a planet in this "sharing economy" galaxy- and the platform for which this entire film takes place. Alexandra also explores crowd funding, co-working, ridesharing, and gifting at the ultimate sharing society - Burningman! We focus, however, on the micro by capturing the magical, heart-warming, serendipitous exchanges that occur one couch at a time.

Each host and traveler along the way provide unique experiences becoming sub-subjects illustrating the incredible exchange. Alexandra, who begins her journey full of confusion, ends up learning lessons of a lifetime with the help of a few worldly friends.

We learn, that by embracing the "age of sharing" mentality is to have access to methods which make the pursuit of your passions and dreams merely a couch away. Featured interviews include sharing economy expert Rachel Botsman, founder of Burningman Larry Harvey, sacred economist Charles Eisenstein, and of course, the founder of Couchsurfing, Casey Fenton."
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"Gabriel Stempinski (@wewereborntorun), Alexandra Liss (@onecouchatatime) and Chelsea Rustrum (@mktgchelsea) are all passionate about the concept and community of couchsurfing as well as lots of other digital services in the larger universe of sharing. This summer they are releasing a documentary – One Couch At A Time – about couchsurfing and a book – It’s A Shareable Life - all about how to survive and thrive in the sharing economy. They step off the edge with me to discuss social networks where you’re actually social, accountability through lack of anonymity, how to leverage underutilized space and things, many terrific tales of task rabbits and much, much more. They are humbly asking / suggesting that, “No matter who you are this can seriously benefit you, your family, your friends, your community and this can really improve your life. In a tangible level, not just some theoretical hippie feel good level. In a tangible, dollars and sense real level this can benefit your life as well as the feel good benefits. Take whatever you want from the buffet, we’re just asking that you get in line!”

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