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= a social enterprise that is developing software and legal frameworks for member democracy.




"One Click Orgs is a social enterprise based in London UK that is developing software and legal frameworks for member democracy. We offer a growing range of electronic solutions for setting up a new body, member administration, agenda management and voting. We support several types of organisation." (


"The project comprises the One Click Orgs Association (itself created and running on One Click Orgs), an Advisory Board and the wider community of people who contribute to it. The Association is responsible for maintaining the project’s strategic direction, formal relations with other organisations and securing resources for the project.

The Advisory Board is made up of experienced figures from relevant fields. Anyone is invited to get involved as a developer, designer, legal advisor or any other way.

The “One Click Orgs” project was launched by London think tank CIRCUS foundation in October 2008. Two months later the prototype platform was sufficiently advanced to constitute the project in a separate Association. The founding meeting of the One Click Orgs Association was held in December 2008 at the Chaos Communications Congress in Berlin.

One Click Orgs software is written in Rails 3. It lives in a GitHub repository and is available under an AGPL open source licence." (


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