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= open source ERP software with workflow mgt is part of the Wezer collaborative platform for the Solidarity Economy




"Before ERP software was envisaged as using a currency approach, the leading open source community currency software was discouraging in its support workflow and groups. Odoo however, had workflow based in, and groups well supported. Python programming language and OpenObject framework used by Odoo makes the platform effective for quick management of apps development, and greatly facilitates code maintenance.

Odoo is a complete framework with thousands of integrated modules including sales, projects and supplies management. Accounting module brings a lot to the project because it allows us to trace the currencies respecting the state of the accounting art. Here we are way ahead of concurrence, because money management is difficult to maintain, in terms of development, if it is not based on sufficiently proven functional basis. These modules also open our outlook because we can easily integrate the most interesting features thereafter, such as internal instant messaging (livechat), billing or CRM. In version 8, Odoo has also its own web content management system, and provides equivalent of CMS Wordpress, Drupal or Magento tools. This will allow us, not only to easily meet demands on internet website part, and also to be at the state of art on the possibilities in terms of design, which was previously the low point of Odoo.

V8 launch is expected in September 2014, and as Odoo development takes place seamlessly, we already have access to it and can engage web and graphic developments.

It is reasonably mature being based on commercial Enterprise Resource Planning software, and with a vigorously growing community of experienced developers. We are confident this is the right platform and that Python and Odoo will be around for yet many years.

Odoo, and WeZer by extension, are under AGPL 3.0 license." (https://www.dropbox.com/s/2id1a5mmg0zpc3c/Wezer%20white%20paper%20v1.pdf?dl=0)