Occupy Wall Street Town Planning

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= the town-planning working group at Occupy Wall Street. We are trying to establish a space that will be legible, efficient, and inspiring.

URL = http://occupytogether.wikispot.org/Town_Planning


“By legible, I mean a space which makes "sense" - paths are deliniated, different functions are zoned off from one another, etc. By efficient, I mean creating a configuration which best serves the practical needs of the individual members and working groups of Occupy Wall Street. And inspiration ally, the space has to proclaim through its design the democratic, humanistic values and ideals we hope to spread across the nation. We began by listing what practical functions and programs our space needed to house. We followed this by analyzing the site itself, taking note of how it was currently used - traffic patterns, social groupings, empty/full spaces, etc. We then were able to find a detailed map of the site, and printed out a series of large copies which we then distributed to different members of the Occupation. Each of them was encouraged to think of their own plans for the site, and what they thought the main things to avoid, and attain, should be. Following this, we compiled the different suggestions together into a proposal.” (http://occupytogether.wikispot.org/Town_Planning)