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by Davane (Occupy London):

"The facilitation groups are designed to handle the issues of coordinating disputes between working groups, as this is all part of the task of liaising between groups. The three main facilitation work groups that were set up were outreach, logistics, and supported campaigns.

Failing this, I would recommend referring to one of the main workgroups whose main skills are mediation and facilitation to act as an outside mediator for disputes between workgroups. Internal communications is ideal for this role, because most disputes are often the result of a break down in communications, and thus by getting this workgroup involved, not only can they facilitate and mediate, but they can also look at any relevant communication issues that might be causing any miscommunication that is causing such conflicts and come up with solutions on how to resolve them, which the work group will inevitably have to do any way.

In a way, the internal communications workgroup is also there to liaise between the facilitations workgroups, and to coordinate between the workgroups like the executive arm of the GA, so that the GA itself can focus on consensus based policy making decisions. If the GA is the "brain" then the Internal Communications workgroup is the Central Nervous System, which connects everything and who's main job is primarily to make sure everything is running smoothly." (http://occupylondon.info/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=54&p=278&hilit=healing/)