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= hackaton event for hacking through a large amount of Twitter data on the occupy movement

URL = http://bit.ly/occupyhackathon


"An event intended not only for the experts, but for everyone to join this collective act of hacking through a large amount of Twitter data on the occupy movement. How can we apply the mechanics of the occupy movement to the data of Twitter itself? Some of us are interested in "occupying the data" itself -- get critical with it. OccupyData is meant to serve as an intervention by offering experts and activists means to work together and think critically about the movement, its messages, and goals and the role new media, and specifically, Twitter might play in this system. Register and receive open access to R-Shief's collection and swarm computing analytics. You will be able to export four CSV files of real-time data for each hashtag -- (1) stats by day, (2) stats by hour (3) stats by minute and the (4) raw data itself -- and lots of support to think through it."

More Information

  1. More information @ http://bit.ly/occupyhackathon
  2. Graphs @ http://twitterminer.r-shief.org/hq
  3. Registration @ http://r-shief.org/occupydata