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= Occuprint showcases posters from the worldwide Occupy movement

URL = http://occuprint.org/


"Occuprint emerged when The Occupied Wall Street Journal asked us to guest curate an issue dedicated to the poster art of the global Occupy movement. The Occuprint website is meant to connect people with this work, and provide a base of support for print-related media within the #Occupy movement.

Occuprint showcases posters from the worldwide Occupy movement, all of which are part of the creative commons, and available to be downloaded for noncommercial use, though we ask that artists are given attribution for their work.

Our Print Lab is a collaboration with the Occupy Wall Street Screen Printing Guild, who have been printing patches and clothing at Liberty Plaza for over a month. The OWS Screen Printering Guild is an official working group within the OWS General Assembly. Everyone is welcome to come print with them; it is an open working group that regularly incorporates new members into its process and can be contacted at owsscreenguild at gmail dot com or by just showing up at the park (on the north edge of the Occupation, mid-block). On this page, we house a collection of graphics for screenprinting, many of which are used by the Guild itself, as well as some instructional information about setting up a print lab at your occupation.

We look forward to creating and distributing more printed matter by supporting the development of screenprinting labs at other occupations, and by printing more of the wonderful posters that we are receiving.

Occuprint is currently being curated by Molly Fair, Jesse Goldstein, Josh MacPhee and John Boy." (http://occuprint.org/Info/About)

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