OWS Registering Working Groups

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Devin's Recommendation for Group Transparency Workflow

  • Submit Registration Form to Information WG
    • Group Name
    • Contact People
      • Name
      • Email
      • Phone
    • Group Description
  • Information WG alerts GA facilitators about registration and they put the group on the agenda to announce.
  • Group announces it's proposed creation to GA.
  • Group attends Introductory Workshop
    • Discussion to clarify group purpose
    • Internal Systems
      • Wordpress
      • Email list
      • SMS Alerts
      • Feeds (minutes, calendar, announcements)
      • How to conduct an effective meeting
      • How to take and format minutes
  • Internet Group activates group page
  • To remain in 'good standing', Working Groups must meet and publish minutes at least once/week.
  • Groups email their minutes to an email address that generates a an RSS published on the GA website.

Next Steps

  • Reconcile Internet and Information 'profile' requirements
  • Collect registration from all existing WGs
  • Develop workshop
    • Systems
    • Facilitation
    • Documentation
  • Internet point people
    • Activating groups
    • Publishing group alerts, minutes, etc