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"OS 0 1 2 ( sometimes written as "OS 012) is a suggestion for an online dialectic that is promoted through it's online source page. The source page promotes OS 0 1 2 in a unique memetic viral campaign designed to introduce many on the internet to the concepts of memetics, dialectic, P2P administration, and synergetics and has spread in over 72 countries worldwide recieving close to 50,000 visits through this process.

OS 0 1 2 as a meme first appears to suggest a new form of dialectic called ternary dialectics, or a 'dialectic for internet communication', following a logical system similar to Ternary logic mixed with concepts in Memetics and Game Theory as a natural form of communication and administration in a P2P network.

It has mutated in various forms on the internet as a simple google search on the topic will reveal. It has not yet been peer reviewed, however, and there as of yet been no conclusive study which details the impact of this proposed dialectic could have on communication. There appears to be no single author, as the website claims that the dialectic was created through an online and unstructured group process similar to co-intelligence, developed outside of the academic arena and thus not subjected to peer reviewed journals as would normally be the case.


OS 0 1 2 suggests structuring communication online in a tit for tat strategy and then deconstructing online written discourse into three objectivly viewable categories of true, false, and mystery, signified as the numbers 0, 1, and 2. It sets forth a rational foundational argument for consideration that human beings are not ideas, and allows the users to framework, map and navigate the conflict of idea until the tit for tat methodology of online internet communication exalts into a non-zero-sum game of perceptional discussion with both sides 'winning' in the ideological conflict, exalting the conclusion that human being is not in conflict, ideas are.

OS 012 addresses what it claims is the real conflict of idea, the conflict over defining 'mystery'. According to the theory, this 'hidden variable' in perception, if not clearly defined in public discourse, will eventually come to wreck havoc in our global communication and understanding simply because we confuse a natural state of 'true' with a natural state of 'false' by not allowing a place for 'mystery' or 'both true and false at once'.

The website denotes current events regarding the controversy of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq as an example of how this conflict of idea can create global chaos if not properly addressed. To quote from the website

"Imagine how different history would be playing out now if politicians a few years back had to argue the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, now perceived as false, (2) was instead an honest mystery (0) as opposed to an empirical truth (1), and had to publicly make clear, on the record, the distinctions regarding the issue of their existence into this framework to make war. What would happen if those discussions, by law, had to happen online so all points of view in the democracy could asses the process openly?"

OS 0 1 2 claims to be in the public domain, and according to the website, anyone can take the idea and mold it into any form of commerical or private use however they see fit.

Although OS 0 1 2 shows up in various places in various forms on the internet, it has a source page located below.


OS 0 1 2 Source Page

Example of an OS 0 1 2 mutation

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