Not-for-Profit World Model

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"Increasingly, not-for-profit organizations generate their own income from selling goods and services, and they are reaching into markets once dominated by for-profits. Construction, manufacturing, software development, food catering and retail are now all fair game for not-for-profit businesses. Because all of their profits must be invested back into their mission, these businesses return wealth to the real economy, rather than making the rich richer.

Not-for-profit businesses also appeal to the best in human nature and fulfill our deep desire to work for companies that make a difference. This alignment is driving the rise of not-for-profit businesses in our economy. With marked advantages in terms of value creation, market reputation, innovation, human resources, governance, and productivity, not-for-profit businesses are increasingly outperforming their for-profit peers.

What if this trend continues? What if we rally around businesses that see profit as the means to achieving greater goals, rather than as a goal in itself? Could we help usher in a Not-for-Profit World?

The Not-for-Profit World is a vision of a world in which markets can facilitate collaboration, connection and caring, within ecological limits." (

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