Nordic Open Education Alliance

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= a Nordic network to promote open education and collaboration amongst stakeholders in all educational sectors.



"The network has members from all Nordic countries and facilitates discourse and dialogue on Open Education but also participates in projects and development programs.

As a member, you support the idea of Open Education and express the intention to collaborate in the initiative to raise awareness on OER, to develop and improve OER or to share your experiences. There is currently no membership fee and formal procedure, we are just a network of people and institutions with similar visions and ideas to create better education in the Nordic countries and beyong.

The Nordic OE Alliance runs stakeholder meetings and facilitates the dialogue through online and face to face meetings. We also support OER in our countries by collecting repositories and related research – as an example, we have identified the key barriers to OER uptake in the Nordic countries as a starting point for further actions.

Generally, any member of the network can suggest and start activities, for example using our community spaces on linkedin and facebook." (

More Information

On twitter, check out #NordicOER!