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GNUCash appears to be the best FLO accounting option but doesn't have all the features needed for nonprofit accounting.

How to donate money to gnucash:

Development wish list for GNUCash:

Google Docs Accounting Template:


Chart of Accounts:

Useful overview:

How to classify different types of gifts:

Current vs. Non-Current:

Cash vs. Accrual:

Employees or Independent Contractors:

Charging "Program Service" Fees:

Differences between Nonprofit and For-Profit Accounting:

Status Update

Mike Linksvayer:

"LWN (LinuxWeeklyNews) has an ongoing series of articles (so far Ledger and PostBooks) about their quest for free software accounting. Their use case is a small business, but much is still pertinent. Also, I'm reasonably sure there will be an organized initiative to improve free software accounting packages for the non-profit use case later in 2013."