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News 2.0, is, in analogy with Web 2.0, a concept that embraces 'socially-enriched' news efforts. It is related to citizen journalism, but broader.

See for regular coverage of these developments.

See for example this quote:

"For new[s] 2.0 to work all of these functions need to be in place: you need a mechanism for sorting out the good from the bad; you need the ability to write original stuff and post photos & videos; and you need the ability to seed, digg or otherwise get news into the public view. News is a team effort and that is what makes it interesting. Once you see news as a collaborative effort that involves editors, reporters, photographers, fact checkers and others you start to see how CJ news can actually be better than the mainstream stuff." CEO Rich Skrenta. quoted in:

News 2.0 should have a combination of the following added features, according to a comparative chart of the Tinfinger blog,

Tinfinger distinguishes 3 subcategories:

News aggregators. Hallmark features: Algorithm, taxonomy, widget, recommending.

Social news. Hallmark features: Voting, bookmarking, personalisation, tagging, ratings.

Citizen journalism. Hallmark features: User-generated content, reputation, revenue sharing, localisation.

The initiatives involved are:

Newsvine, TailRank,, Memeorandum, Digg, Findory, Associated Content, Backfence, Pegasus News, Inform,