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Copied from their site:

The New Z•Land Project (NZP) is an organization that's building an experimental city in New Zealand founded on a Resource-Based Economy (RBE).

The New Z•Land Project is a world first in scientific exploration and is to be developed in 3 stages. It's initial stage is to create a technologically advanced city. The city's main development considerations are the following:

  • Resource-Based Economy implementation
  • Self-generation of energy through wind and solar power
  • Automated fruit and vegetable farming
  • Automated manufacturing
  • Self-sustainability with the help of self-automated robotic devices and machinery
  • Environmentally considerate, from waste to transportation, to live in harmony with the earth's carrying capacity
  • Day-to-day products and consumption totally recyclable via automated systems
  • Implementing the latest in technology in all aspects to heavily reduce the requirement of human maintenance
  • Advanced control systems in homes
  • Highly efficient layout
  • Energy efficient and least-polluting transportation options

The 2nd stage is to fill the city with a socially developed society, that's highly educated with a clear understanding of the city's purpose. The purpose of this city with it's living populous is to allow us to observe and research several topics of interest regarding an RBE such as:

  • Social implications
  • Systems efficiency management
  • Implemented systems evaluations and so on

This will act as a prototype example for future developments. Stage 3 allows a haven for like-minded individuals to reside and develop new technologies that will be implemented over time. It is our hope that the world will look closely at these reports and decide if a Resource-Based Economy can be attuned to their own countries, creating a green friendly global society and making it a reality for all human beings.

The New Z•Land Project welcomes you to join this initiative and become part of a solution designed to improve the lives of everyone while respecting the planet. Browse this site to learn about our initial proposals and how you too can get involved.

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