Atlas Initiative Group

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Our plan is to build the worlds first Resource-Based Economy and City.

Imagine a world where your work directly improves humanity, no money service, insurance, homelessness or starvation. How can this be? It is nothing less than a complete redesign of our culture forming a new social design which improves our relationship to the planet and each other. We are a non-profit organization which has no paid positions dedicated to improving the human condition on our planet. Our vision is "to free humanity from the monetary system while embracing a resource based economy where everyone can contribute and receive the resources needed to maximize pleasure and fulfillment in life."

Humanity is the keeper of our planet and is responsible for the care of humanity. It is no longer acceptable to allow humanity to suffer in a world where the monetary system has failed to solve our biggest problems, we must make changes for our planet, but most importantly, for us. The Atlas Initiative Group is implementing the solution allowing humanity to evolve to a world without money. If you can imagine a world where everyone has food, health care, transportation, clothing, and a home without the stress of bills or losing a job, then quit dreaming and join us today.

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