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"We have to move to the edge. Today the edge is on the countryside, the region of agriculture, to ground oneself, and we have to change the countryside towards a new ruralism. More and more upcoming emerging villages are giving hope of change to the better. These villages behave like an organism and are being to be integrated with the other organism around them. An organism is a complex system that, through interaction and symbiosis with its surrounding life forms, lives on through an inherent self-healing power. Emerging villages are building new communities which are learning and working with nature and cosmos, supporting each other, respecting the common, complementing skills, growing food, creating new adapted science, building own furniture, using more natural medicine, integrating content which matters locally in education & training, creating art, supporting local culture, developing a more sustainable way of living, using local and cycle economy, acting fair and transparent, admitting failures, exchanging knowledge and learning with other villages and towns, getting back to reality of life as an organism and as a unity of spirit, soul and body. This is a movement forward rather than backwards, integrating the fruits of modern technology and science with the specific needs and cultures of each place. It is holding the thread between urban and rural, new and old, local and global, recognising self-sufficiency as the above all need of a sustainable and spiritually thriving society. The current emptiness and peace of the countryside inspires us to become more fulfilled and creative. There are, of course, many challenges. The new villagers tend to be strong multinational individuals who have chosen their location actively and are being called upon to integrate with the locals and live together in peace. They must be conscious that it is the locals, who live closest to the land, who have access to the ancestral wisdom needed to live well on the land. We are looking for more neighbourhoods and more freedom to invent the positive future, based on already existing economic models and spiritually viable ways of living. Let us co-create the emerging villages based on sustainable and spiritual communities, motivating leadership, a socially and ecologically conscious entrepreneurship and direct democracy."


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New Ruralism - reviving the countryside organically ; International Conference October 25th to 29th, 2017, Idanha a Nova, Portugal