Networked Micro Agencies

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From Mobminds at

"I believe a new form of organization is emerging. It is the large group of independents working as freelancers, programmers, designers and consultants that is looking to cluster into small networks. These independents are what I call micro agencies: people with great skills and specialties and enough confidence to be independent. Problem often is that as a micro agency your not always invited to play the really fun games. You know the important strategic projects which are outsourced to larger organizations to minimize the risk.

What I see happening now that these micro agencies are finding eachother. Through new tools like Twitter, Facebook and the works.. Sharing their visions, dreams, inspiration and advice. These are what I call Networked Micro Agencies. They represent for me the strongest form of organization possible today." (


"These NMA’s have some characteristics:

1. Teams are formed purely on a ‘for purpose’ basis. The pool of participating people can be extensive but the per project the best team is formed.This forming process has push and pull mechanisms.

2. Democratic network. Everybody is equal.

3. Common vision. It is the vision and passion of the participants in the NMA that defines it’s success.

4. The organization has basically 2 parts. First is the pool of people. Second is the facilitating organization.

5. A brand. The NMA has an umbrella brand. Everybody has their independence but is strengthened through the umbrella brand

6. They use 2.0 tools to collaborate, share and communicate. Information travels fast, no delay, transparant and uniform to everybody in the network

7. They don’t have an office" (