Net Planetary Value

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"Three main criteria for assigning value, positive and negative, are: Environmental, Ethical and Social domains, correlated to what is referred to as social and environmental capital. These are applied to each entity, element and transaction; a relative value is determined and expressed as a numerical factor.

Three time scales are applied: past historic, present usable, future potential, incorporating Native American and other indigenous wisdom referencing the ancestors and projecting the likely impact of any action forward seven generations. Combined with the three categories of values this generates a matrix by which just about anything can be pegged. Of course, this is a bare-bones outline which can be developed further and refined.

The net value of every person, institution, organization, municipality, region and geographical entity is determined across all indices and totted up to arrive at NPV. The sum represents the true wealth of the world which is distributed back to those accounts as indices of access to value in proportion to their contribution to the whole. This double-entry account system is kept balanced by a real-time flow of information in both directions. All the capital necessary is already in place. We have to learn how to work it. (


"IMPLEMENTATION Since it is not dependent or contingent upon monetary values, NPV can be implemented by any functioning economic unit. It will run parallel to the monetary system until that system strangles itself with its own contortions or belief in it is withdrawn, whichever comes first. Increased parity and efficiency are realized with the accession of each additional entity until universal inclusion is achieved. Each person is automatically assigned an index that gives access to food, housing, education and healthcare. Personal index is increased by life stage, training, skills and accomplishments, affording access to levels beyond basic needs.


There are no monetary limits. No budgets, no debt, no banks, no inflation, no price distortions. There will be less government, less corruption, less crime. Land ownership will revert eventually to occupancy rights. With basic needs guaranteed, many will no longer work at jobs. Traditional jobs are becoming obsolete anyway. People will choose vocations. It is a means to advance their indices. Every service rendered is rewarded. Each corporate entity likewise is assigned a base index that allows access to infrastructure and services. All corporate entities are by definition non-profit. Businesses compete and prosper by offering superior goods and services thereby increasing their corporate index with concomitant access to higher levels of goods and services.

Everyone counts. Everything is counted." (

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