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NPR's Open Source Radio project


"Every time we agree on a new idea that we think can sustain a full hour of talking, we post it to the blog. Usually this is just a paragraph -- a piece of truth and two unanswered questions -- to help us as we frantically call and Google around to find the people who talk well and have something to say. At this point, you are also producing the show with us. Register on the site, find a topic you know something out and start leaving comments. Comment on each others' comments. Tell us we're booking the wrong guests and don't know what we're talking about. As producers, we are all generalists -- though some of us carry an unfortunate amateur obsession with the European Union -- but you, you are a nation of specialists. You know more than we could ever possibly Google up out of the ether. You know more people than we do. If we are talking about banking, you perhaps have an aunt who had an unfortunate experience with an ATM. Perhaps you are the great-great-grandchild of JP Morgan."

Podcasts of the individual shows are available.