Museum as Commons

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John Thackara on the Museum Can Be a Commons for Learning, Reflection and Critical Action:

“There’s a difference between what we might want a museum to be and what it is, or is likely to become. After this event I have a better understanding of what only a museum can do in the realm of social design that other institutions and contexts cannot.”

Report author:

The many attributes of museums spun out by the group were ultimately distilled into the idea of a commons in which collective experience is shaped and memory is created and archived. This commons is also a platform for delivering information and provocation, and a stage for learning, social connectedness and critical action. Finally, this commons is a place where people can reflect thoughtfully on the efficacy of social change efforts and how they affect their daily lives. The museum is thereby defined not only as an exhibition space but also as a civic arena; not only as a physical space but also as a platform; not only as an archive but also as a generator of historical memory; and not only as a curator of projects but also as a facilitator for understanding a project’s original context and ultimate efficacy. Beyond addressing the content of physical exhibitions, this conclusion broadly emphasizes the museum’s public and educational programs." (