Multiplicative Abundance

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Roberto Verzola:

"We will call the archetype of abundance that is created when the cost of reproducing the resource approaches zero, multiplicative abundance. Goods belonging to this archetype are abundant because the means for making multiple identical copies have become so accessible and the cost of doing so has become so low, that they are easily reproduced essentially for free. This dynamic is fast becoming the driving force of 21st century economies.

To even acknowledge at all the existence of abun-dance is a huge conceptual leap for many econo-mists, whose fundamental assumptions are based on scarcity. Some economists even say that abun-dant goods cease to be interesting because the problem of scarcity has been solved. But if abun-dance solves the problem of scarcity, shouldn't economists devote as much time to the solution as to the problem itself? The answer should be obvious. Indeed, the study of abundance should be a major field of study, not only for economists but also for other social scientists and for physical scientists as well." (

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