Missing Institutions in the Transformation to Planetization

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William Irwin Thompson:

"In the transition from nation-state to noetic polity in our process of planetization, there are two missing institutions that we will need in the immediate future. I do not expect to see them in my lifetime, but I believe they will arise before the end of this our twenty-first century. The first is the creation of tricameral legislatures for nations and the United Nations in which the third body is a congress of scientists elected by the university faculties of their respective countries who can provide governments with real scientific facts about climate collapse and other global catastrophes. [3]

The second is Professor Saul Mendlovitz’s proposal for a United Nations emergency military force that can go into nations that subscribe to the UN Charter and remove dictators that are violating the human rights of its citizens. [4] We should not let dictators like Syria’s Assad slaughter its citizens and destabilize Europe by creating hundreds of thousands of refugees. The Blue Berets should step in and take away the dictator for trial at the World Court in the Hague, just as the UN did with Slobodan Milosovic in Bosnia.

Yes, such interventions are a violation of sovereignty, and the Permanent Five Members of the UN Security Council—especially China and the US—will always veto such an action. So the challenge of our century is to redefine sovereignty, just as the United States had to redefine states’ rights in order to transform a loose federation of sovereign states into the United States of America; and that political evolution, certainly, was no easy transformation and actually took a civil war to effect it.

The first institution can inform and the second institution can implement laws that address global climate collapse and its attendant catastrophes by compelling nations to comply with UN standards for reducing industrial pollution. China and the USA can no longer consider the atmosphere to be a public sewer into which they can dump their toxic by-products of industrial manufacture. Perhaps such an institution could become an extension of the World Health Organization. One cannot control the outbreak of pandemics by concretizing national boundaries with walls, so as the catastrophes of the present increase in number and ferocity, some new UN institutions will need to come forth.

After a civil war in 1848, the Swiss created a national federation that energized the language and culture of the canton, so some form of compensatory cantonization will need to be part of the process of planetization. If these cultural and ecological challenges cannot be met because of the reactionary blockages of religions and nation-states, then Homo sapiens will simply experience extinction and the meek of the insects will inherit the Earth." (https://www.metapsychosis.com/the-metapolitics-of-the-noosphere/)