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Miguel Vieira, São Paulo, Brasil, is a researcher in the field of access to knowledge, currently preparing a master's dissertation on the subject of "Intellectual commons and commodification", at the University of São Paulo (Education Faculty, department of Philosophy of Education).


"He has graduated in Communications (minor: Publishing) and Philosophy, both also at the University of São Paulo, and has a specialization degree on intellectual property (the course was promoted by UBV, SAPI and OCPI — respectively: Bolivarian University of Venezuela, and the Venezuelan and Cuban intellectual property offices). He has published some texts on the subjects of intellectual property and, more recently, collaborative production and the commons. Other academic interests include philosophy of science and technology, marxism, democratization of communication and the publishing industry. (Although right now focusing exclusively on the graduate studies, pursuing a professional career in the field of publishing.) He is also involved with access to knowledge through political activism. He is part of a brazilian collective called Epidemia, which keeps an eye on the intellectual property-related agenda, and has been active in the planning of the Science & Democracy World Forum (a side event to the WSF 2009) and in the demonstrations against "Projeto Azeredo" (a brazilian proposed law that would endanger privacy and threaten the existence of open wifi)." (http://gemeingut.wikidot.com/future-of-the-commons)