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a free and open source platform that supports real-time sense-making, distributed collaboration, and the creative intelligence of individuals, organizations and communities

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Project project was initiated by Connor Turland and Ishan Shapiro in fall 2012, building on prior designs and concept development going back to 2010. Metamaps allows users to build free-form knowledge graphs of ideas and information (called "topics") connected by semantic links ("synapses").

Each graph (or "map") is part of a larger database which stores all topics and synapses, allowing for their reuse in other maps as selected by users. With increasing usage, topics become part of a growing web of contextually linked semantic data, providing a powerful environment for various Collective Intelligence applications and insights.


Metamaps is a collaborative concept mapping platform built primarily in Rails and Javascript using several existing libraries. An open source repository exists on GitHub at

The platform is under active development by a network of peer collaborators working with various project partners to design and implement new feature sets for specific use cases.


A distinctive feature of the platform is its use of "metacode" icons to visually designate high level categorization of map content (topics). Metacodes are selected by the user when creating a new topic, and help to specify the manner of usage of the topic's label (i.e. is it an action, an idea, an intention, etc.).


The project is part of an Open Value Network which supports the development of this technology as a commons around which many peers and projects may create and derive value.